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Sealing Style 4 Side Seal
Speed 50 Strokes / min x no. of tracks
No. of Tracks Depends upon the width of the pouch
Laminate specification Width - 500 mm Max | Max. Roll Dia - 400mm. | Reel Core Dia – 76 mm
Max. Length of pouch 120mm
Packing material Heat seal Metalised Poly or Polyester Poly
Sealing drives Mechanical – Cam driven with individual sealing jaw setting.
Filling mechanism Piston filler
Sealing Type As per the requirement.
Perforation and cutting Butt Sealing
Laminate roll unwind Manual
Laminate Draw Off system Through Clutch/Brake
Control Panel Air Cooled with all applicable standards
Contact parts Made of SS
Batch Cutter operation Pneumatic
Mat Format As per Requirement
Electrical Spec. Main Motor – 2.2 Kw, 3F, 415 V
Layout Dimensions Length   è 3200 mm | Width     è 2600 mm | Height    è 2100 mm
Machine Weight Net Weight    è 1300 kgs. (Approx.) | Gross weight è 1600 kgs. (Approx.)
Air Consumption* 0.5 Normal Litres/Machine Cycle (in your scope)
Air Compressor* 2 Cylinder, single stage, 3HP, 100 Litre tank, CFM | At Pressure 6kg/cm sq. Customer has to purchase on his own cost.
Power Consumption 6KW
Scrap rate Less than 2%*
Weight Variation Within +/- 2% **of the filled quantity
Temp Controller PID Based
Notching of Provision As per requirement
Embossing provision Provision Given (Digits to be purchase)
Application Shampoo/ Tomato Sauce / Hair Oil/ Jam/ Pickle and all type of free flow liquids
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